Sunday, 15 March 2015

Slackbastard revealed? Maybe not.

The administrator of the reclaim Australia website has claimed to have found the identity of our old mate @ndy.

I've got no idea if this is true, but it looks interesting nevertheless.

"I sent a fake link to slackbastard in the web site, it was a fake link that I sent only to him, and I implied that by following the link, he could find some dirt on TGAP. As the administrator of the web site, I can see the IP address of anyone who accesses anything on the web site, their IP address, and what browser they accessed it from and what they accessed. From there, I just had to find out who followed that fake link, as slackbastard was the only person with that fake link, he was the only one who followed it. Hey presto, I have his IP address, his browser and operating system. A traceroute gave me the exact location, down to the mobile tower anyways, whois gave my the owner of the IP, who happened to live 1.5km from the tower, and ABN search gave me the business of the owner, whose web site happens to be hosted by the same company as the mobile connection he accessed the internet from. The owner of the business he runs is a  IT communications business, the voice on the answering machine is identical to the one I've heard on radio shows where they talk to the organisers of the counter rallies, I posted this information on his page and he blocked me within seconds, then makes a post ridiculing anyone who thinks his name is Robert. I post this information on the posts of anyone who trolls The Great Aussie Patriot's page or anyone who trolls a reclaim page and they delete their comments immediately and threaten to sue me. All this tells me, I've found what I was looking for."

Monday, 9 March 2015

Saturday, 7 February 2015

William from Newcastle and the Reclaim protest.

This communist freak is trying to organise a counter rally in Newcastle NSW, for the Reclaim Australia protests on 4/4.

If he peels himself away from behind his keyboard, and you see William around town in Newcastle, be sure to say G'day for me.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Rezza Antifa AKA Kerry King

Some guy, on some blog in Melbourne called Rezza (Reservoir) Antifa has been talking a big game.

Well, Rezza Antifa is run by a guy called Kerry king.

Kerry works in a warehouse. He's part indigenous. He lives in West Heidelberg. He also claims to be anonymous.

Say hello Kerry, not so anonymous anymore champ.

Brendan McGloin

Next Cab off the rank at the ASF-M is another one of @ndy's buddies Brendon McGloin. A high ranking Member at the Melbourne Anarchist Club (MAC). For an Anarchist Brendan seems to have a few friends working within the system like Socialist Party Politician Stephen Jolly and and socialist Thugs Anthony Main and Alex Sproule. McGloin has been spotted getting chummy with Main at events for his "Fast Food workers Union" (lol).
Main and McGloin were arrested protesting the East West Link along with fiery red head & chardonnay socialist Mel Gregson, where Brendan was filmed screaming like a little girl as the police restrained him before taking a well earned ride in the back of a divvy van.
McGloins cohort Main, a former counciller is well known for his violent behaiour weather it be intimidating female unionists on international womens day or assaulting elderly men and women trying to peacefully enter an event during anti islamic speaking tour in which the bald headed Sproule was involved in the attempt to silence free speech.

The connections between the ASF and the Socialist party in Melbourne are obvious highlighting more hypocrisy in the Anarchist Movement. For a group of individuals who believe in abolishing all government they sure seem to have a lot of friends trying to run for council.
Maybe the unionists who Brendan and friends are getting so chummy with are really that stupid that can not see that the ASF has a policy of undercutting the unions by "standing up for workers rights" for free? Or maybe they don't care? Maybe it as long as they both are working together to Undermine the real working class of Australia, the white working class, none of that even matters.
The set up in Brisbane where the CFMEU stood in to do the ANTIFA's dirty work against Australia First Patriots is evidence of this cosy relationship but one thing is certain all these groups are connected. It's like a big anti Australian conspiracy straight out of red square.
Brendon McGloin Anarchist or Socialist? Probably both but then again between all the accusations of rape and bashings going on between the members of the ASF things must get pretty confusing at times.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Ben Debney

Here we have a veteran Anarchist and "Anti Racist" Ben Debney. A symptom of the Anarchist Rape Culture Debney was made persona non grata by the leadership at the MAC after a fall out with leadership and multiple accusations of rape/harassment of female members. He has been named and shamed on anarchist blogs alongside predators like child molester Thomas Bernal (IWW) and a Melbourne Anarchist who goes by the name of Moo Kau online.

Although his past has been checkered by these allegations of rape and harassment, for over a decade he was heavily involved with the Melbourne Anarchist Club, Antifa activism and organizing and also had a close working relationship with @ndy "Slackbastard" Fleming helping him with his blog and facebook page during the early times when @ndy was contemplating giving it up due to lack of interest.

If it were not for the likes of Ben Debney, Slackbastard would not exist.

Anarchy, no means yes.
And so the plot thickens....

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Brisbane solidarity network [BSN]

Sophie Taylor and her Boyfriend are both on Centrelink. It's their "sole source of income".

Funny that, when did welfare become an income? These unemployable freaks from the Brisbane solidarity network feel they deserve more. Typical leftist types, never work for anything, but want everything.

Antifa Tom

Meet tom, or as some people call him, Tomunist. (Lols)

Tom lives in Dutton park, Brisbane, with his mother, and works at the Night Owl in the west end.(Shop 1, 158 boundary st, West end) In his spare time he likes to get drunk and punch women. He also enjoys bashing the fash. He was present at the Golden dawn rally in Brisbane along with a scraggly friend, waving soviet flags about.

Nice fellow.

Dave Fregon ASF-IWA

Member of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation and leading man behind the anarchobase network, Dave Fregon.

Dave was bashed by a fellow Brisbane ASF member "Asger" and had to high tail it to Melbourne, presumably for his own safety. He doesn't like being assaulted it seems, yet doesn't mind dishing some out on police officers every now and again. He's now the ASF's secretary in Victoria.

The ASF-IWA has a checkered past around the world. With child molesters and rapists amongst their ranks. Australia isn't immune from these types of perverts within the Anarchist milieu either, which will be mentioned in detail soon on